What’s Happening??

Sorry for my long silence, friends and readers. Last fall, I was feeling hopeful. My husband had been enrolled in one of the most exciting clinical trials in cancer. It was for one of these PDL-1 immunotherapy drugs that everyone is gushing over as a breakthrough treatment. Indeed, some patients have had a phenomenal response and have gone into a seeming remission.

Unfortunately, Felder was among the 50% of people who did not respond to the drug. He tried three more types of chemotherapy, and finally this week, he entered into home hospice. He is too weak to try anything else.

I told him I was still praying, but obviously my prayers weren’t doing a heap of good, maybe I should stop.

He grabbed my hand and said, “DON’T STOP.”

So, I told him despite all medical evidence, I will continue to ask for a good old-fashioned, “Praise Jesus,” rock-n-roll miracle.

When I think, “Well, why should I get a miracle when so many others don’t?” I just ask God to give one to everyone who asks. The world needs more miracles, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “What’s Happening??

  1. avatarPastor E.J. Emerson

    Take heart, miracles do happen every day, and it is not too late yet. But if, for reasons only God can know at this point, his time on earth is coming to an end, take comfort as best you can in your faith that God does no harm, God will heal him in his new and resurrected body for eternity, and all who remain behind will continue to be blessed with joyful memories and a strong faith of being reunited down the road.
    Praying daily for God’s will while banging on heaven’s door for healing,
    Pastor EJ

  2. avatarGregory Ruffin

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about a year ago, and the one thing I cannot do is give up hope or faith; and that makes it imperative that those around me do the same.

  3. avatarAndrea Amador

    Jen, I’m so sad to hear of this painful turn of events. Rob told the congregation yesterday the news. I want to offer you something that will help you to be more at peace with whatever happens. Have you heard of the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT? It’s a simple stress relief technique that anyone can do themself that works on the basis of stimulating acupressure points on the body that send a signal to the brain to send messages to the body to relax. Basically it’s the best way I know of that can give you relief and make you feel better in minutes. I’m sure with all that’s happening right now you must have so many mixed emotions that are draining you and often making you feel helpless and hopeless. I can teach it to you in just a few minutes over the phone and you can use it to relieve your stress anytime. I’m here for you. Just let me know how I can help.


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