If Adam Lanza Taught Us Anything, It’s That One Person Really Can Make a Difference

Last week, Adam Lanza snapped. He killed his mother, six women and 20 small children. He crushed twenty-seven families, all of their relatives, and countless friends and strangers. How could one person cause so much destruction and pain?

I am the opposite of Adam Lanza. I would dearly like to save twenty-seven people’s lives, including my husband’s. If one person can do so much harm, can one person do so much good?

As I sit here staring at the Christmas tree, I can’t help but feel that things are terribly wrong right now in the world. Twenty little children and their teachers are dead. Hurricane Sandy caused hundreds of people to lose their homes and their lives just a few miles from where I live. And my 35 year old husband has cancer.

This is the year that will go down in my family’s history as the one where I lost my full time job and got put to part-time; we had to move in with my in-laws to save money; I wrecked the car; my husband got cancer and had his tumor and half his kidney removed; I had a seizure (full-blown eclampsia) at 32 weeks pregnant and almost died; my premature baby was in the NICU for six weeks; she nearly choked on her reflux when she came home, and I had to resuscitate her. Then there were four good months of no cancer, and my daughter and I are now absolutely fine. But just a few weeks before Christmas, the cancer came back.

When the doctor tells you that you have cancer, it’s bad. When the doctor tells you that you have a rare cancer, its worse. My husband has kidney cancer, papillary type 2. It’s hereditary, rare and aggressive. There is no treatment. He is in a clinical trial right now, and they say all we can do is hope.

Except we can do more than hope. We can pray and get everyone we know to pray, too. In fact, if you are reading this, please pray right now for his healing and that his doctors unlock the mysteries of this cancer.

We can also do more than pray. We can raise the money to save him! If we can raise a million dollars—in some ways a lot, but in others so little— his doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering could do gene sequencing, study the cancer, do targeted therapies, maybe even save his life and the other 30 or so people who are in his clinical trial! Maybe what they discover could help others, too.

There have been many inspiring stories in the news about people who have been healed and new treatments for rare cancers in the pipeline. If we all band together in prayer and contribution, maybe we could help push all these good developments along a little faster. Maybe we could bring twenty-seven or so families together in joy that their loved one was saved. Imagine what the world would look like without cancer. Imagine the happiness and hope we could bring.

I’ve created a blog called 100 million prayers because I feel like that’s the amount we need to get us out of this mess. Please visit the site, like our facebook page, pray for us and all others who are struggling with cancer, and please donate directly to Memorial Sloan Kettering in a fund for R. F. Williams to help us find a cure.

As you well know, one person really can make a difference. Maybe it could be you.

5 thoughts on “If Adam Lanza Taught Us Anything, It’s That One Person Really Can Make a Difference

  1. avatarjean michael

    I know this won’t make me popular. Trillions go into cancer yet millions of Americans get it every year. Macrobiotics cannot simply cure cancer but the diet connection is so vital yet we miss it. For any individual who is suffering people can contribute and well they should but to prevent cancer in the future. slow it down and in some cases cure it, diet works. As Jesus said sometimes it takes prayer and fasting. I am not saying to fast but pure foods make such a difference I must share it though many won’t like what I say.

  2. avatarjean michael

    We cannot say we are the opposite of Adam for Jesus would not say so. He would love him, nuture him, hear and embrace him until he hated no more. People like Adam’s mother try to help mentally ill children though there is little they can do. Of course, they make mistakes but they are up against an illness as formidable as cancer. In macrobiotics, which helped me so much, they say that mental illness which results in violence is the mind’s equivalent of the body’s raging cancer cells-one is the mind at its must engulfing point where it takes all down for its own needs and the one is the cancer taking its host down. I mean no judgment here. Let us help everyone we can but let us pray for Adam Lanza’s lost soul and his poor mother as we pray for ourselves and those we love.

    1. avatarJen Post author

      I agree, Jean. I pray for Adam’s family, too. They lost their brother and mother, and they will forever be associated with this horrible tragedy. I guess I mean that something happened to me that made me snap. However, I am not reacting in violence, but trying something drastic in my own way to try to help. One person can be powerful and even small numbers of people matter very much.

      1. avatarjean michael

        I understand. I too admire your blog very much. You are a very honest person. I only meant, regarding Adam Lanza, that if we all create a gap between ourselves and the disenfranchised, we will only encourage the next shooter. It would be wonderful to follow an ongoing blog (I do not like this word but it seems to be the only one to use) about how things go on if your challenging life. I am sharing your request for prayers and donations with others including Dr. Caliandro who once helped me so much at Marble Collegiate Church where I became friends with your father-in-law.


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